Getting started with MQTT-SN in RSMB

Now that the source for RSMB with MQTT-SN is available, here is the quickest of quick starts to get going with MQTT-SN. More to come in due course.

The source is at
in the rsmb directory. To build, go into rsmb/src and call “make”. That works well for Linux. You need a make from cygwin or similar to build for Windows.

This is an example configuration file for RSMB with MQTT-SN:

# will show you packets being sent and received
trace_output protocol						

# normal MQTT listener
listener 1883 INADDR_ANY	
# MQTT-S listener
listener 1884 INADDR_ANY mqtts					
	# optional multicast groups to listen on
	# optional advertise packets parameters: address, interval, gateway_id			
	advertise 30 33			

# MQTT-S outgoing multicast bridge (QoS -1)
connection mqtts_multicast						
	protocol mqtts_multicast  
	# only one address is used at the moment, plan is that a list can be used
	topic a out
	topic abcdef out

# QoS 2 MQTT-S bridge
connection mqtts							
	protocol mqtts
	topic a out

At the moment predefined topics and sleeping clients aren’t implemented.

There is a Python MQTT-SN client in rsmb/src/MQTTSClient/Python – see, in the main section, for an example of using it.

6 thoughts on “Getting started with MQTT-SN in RSMB

  1. Thanks for the instructions. Sadly I can’t get it to work. I have tried on Debian Linux and Mac OS X:

    20131124 215009.143 CWNAN0124I Starting bridge connection mqtts
    20131124 215009.143 4 star.mqtts -> MQTT-S CONNECT cleansession: 0 (0)
    20131124 215009.144 CWNAN0075W Socket error 111 (Connection refused) in UDP read error for socket 4
    20131124 215009.144 CWNAN0018W Socket error for client identifier star.mqtts, socket 4, peer address; ending connection
    20131124 215009.144 CWNAN0099I Trying bridge connection mqtts address again, without private protocol

    Any idea what is wrong?

    • So I just did this (on RedHat, Intel). First RSMB has outgoing bridge:

      connection mqtts
      protocol mqtts
      topic a out

      Second RSMB has listener on matching port:

      listener 1885 INADDR_ANY mqtts

      Then the MQTT-SN bridge connected to the other broker. Two things to watch out for:

      1) To build RSMB on some platforms (not the usual ones) you need the -DREVERSED compiler flag. This because I use bitfields in the MQTT packet processing. Whether you need it is entirely arbitrary – processor architecture can affect it. If any client, MQTT or MQTT-SN can connects, you’re ok.

      2) Firewalls often block multicast traffic. In this case we’re not using multicast of course.

    • Ha ha. Soon my friend, we’ll have the new spec out, and the name will be officially changed, and I’ll update it all!

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